Ella NO lo vale

Madre mía, retrocedo hasta el verano del año 1990 cuando Glenn Medeiros (después de Nothing’s Gonna Change my love for you) y Bobby Brown sacaron esta canción que fue nº1 en USA (y que por supuesto en España ni sonó). Una canción bastante alejada del baboseo de su gran éxito anterior y con un mensaje muy claro: ella no vale una mierda.

Better make tracks fast on the double
The girl’s jazzy, but she’s nothin’ but trouble – Oh!

You take her where she wants to go
and every day you let her know
she’s the one who’s always on your mind
But she just cops an attitude
Leads you on, then leaves you blue
Can’t you see she’s really just a waste of time?

One day she’ll treat you nice
Then she turn as cold as ice
But you think your love will win her
in the end, think again

She ain’t worth it
The girl ain’t worth it
All this grief that she’s been puttin’ you through (ooh)
She ain’t worth it
The girl ain’t worth it
Believe me (I know) I know better than
(better than) better than (bet-bet) better than you

She gets you hot, then leaves you cold
Keeps you waiting on the phone
‘cause she knows you’ll always give her one more try
You’re not the only boy in town
and she loves playin’ to the crowd
But tell me, do you really like standin’ in line?

You give her everything you have
and all she does is make you sad
What she really wants to do
is tell her friends she did it again